About us

ALASHEE INNOVATIONS - Dec.  19, 2021  We are a cutting edge, advanced and innovative personal care products company, founded in Southern California and we have been researching hair care and beauty care ingredients for over 20 years, especially for black women's hair and as the hair care industry has continued to make products that are toxic and totally dangerous for all women we've decided to use our knowledge and expertise to bring a new type of hair care and skin care products to consumers, using premium, gentle, top quality, natural, organic and vegan ingredients and technologies from around the world. 

This is our mission and we are committed and driven to make it happen for consumers everywhere.  ALASHEE INNOVATIONS' founders have backgrounds in chemistry and engineering and decided to turn their knowledge and energy towards researching and figuring out just what are the effects that different ingredients have on the hair and The PROTECTED HAIR Natural Hair Care System reflects the epitome of that research and knowledge.  

Innovation being the key factor along with ingredient performance, have brought super positive results with hair care products that exhibit smart synergism  and functionality and a new way of getting to healthy vibrant long hair and saving time and money in the process and in the long run.